New Day Cleveland Gets 'Happy' for the Holidays

Did you catch Happy Hour Collection on 'New Day Cleveland?' 


The lovely folks over at 'New Day Cleveland' were nice enough to invite me back.

This time I shared some holiday gift giving ideas, stocking stuffers and an easy and elegant Prosecco Cocktail (see recipe below).

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It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, especially this time of the year.

Make sure to take time out to really enjoy the Holiday season, family, friends, the new Star Wars movie ;) 

Live in the moment . . . laugh, have fun and make wonderful memories with loved ones.

 Those after all, are the gifts that last a lifetime.



Holiday Sparkler Cocktail

Holiday Sparkler Cocktail

Holiday Sparkler Cocktail

For quick, easy and elegant entertaining this Holiday season consider mixing up a 'Holiday Sparkler'

4 1/2 oz Prosecco

1/2 oz Hudson Standard Cassis Berry Shrub

2-3 dashes Dram Apothecary Wild Mountain Sage Bitters

Fresh Rosemary Sprig for garnish

In a Chilled Champagne flute, add Prosecco first, then add Cassis Berry Shrub. 

Add your bitters, and rosemary sprig. Give a light stir with the rosemary and impress your guests with this lovely Crafted Champagne Cocktail! Here's a toast to a wonderful holiday season and and even better New Year! Cheers! 

**If you don't have Prosecco on hand, you can easily follow the recipe above and substitute the Prosecco for 1 1/2 oz vodka and 2 oz sparkling water. 

Here's the alternate recipe,  Fill Shaker with ice, add Cassis Berry Shrub and vodka. Shake until chilled (approx 15-20 seconds), strain into a rocks glass filled with ice (we prefer an ice ball for slower dilution), add seltzer/sparkling water and bitters. Serve & enjoy!

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Posted on December 12, 2015 .