Bitters Lab Charred Cedar & Currant Bitters


Bitters Lab Charred Cedar & Currant Bitters


Bitters Lab Charred Cedar & Currant Bitters

A potent woody flavor, reminiscent of barrel aged whiskey but with a subtle sweet and tart undertone of dark, black currants. 

Drinks: Serve a few dashes with whiskey neat. Also a great accompaniment to a variation on classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Whiskey sour.
Food: Use in sautéed vegetables. Perfect addition to your favorite dry rub as a marinade or atop grilled salmon. Adds the perfect depth to your desserts as well.

4 fl oz

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Turnt & Burnt
1.5 oz high west dbl rye
1/2 oz laird applejack
0.25 oz Cointreau
0.25 oz Disarrono amaretto
0.25 oz simple syrup
2 sage leaves
1/2 smoked lemon
4 dash Bitters Lab Charred Cedar and Currant bitters
Muddle the two sage leaves with the high west to release flavor of the sage. Add remaining ingredients and stir over ice.  Strain over large ice sphere and garnish with charred lemon peel and sage leaf.
-Created by Giancarlo, head bartender at Provisions Restaurant