Pope's Orange Habanero Simple Syrup


Pope's Orange Habanero Simple Syrup


Pope's Orange Habanero Artisan Cocktail Syrup

*Made in Cleveland*

Create signature cocktails with Pope's Artisan cocktail syrups. Pope's orange Habanero cocktail syrup has clean crisp flavors. It's made with fresh habanero steeped in pure fresh orange juice, and balances sweet tang and spice. 
While best paired with friends, use it to take your next Old Fashioned to a whole new level. 
Also makes a lovely glaze for pork or salmon.

Contains 8 fl oz
approximately 16 servings

cane sugar, orange juice, water, habanero

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Recipe Idea:
Orange Habanero Old Fashioned  
2 oz bourbon
1/2 oz Pope's Orange Habanero Cocktail syrup
1 cup ice