Spanish Bitters by Dr. Adam Elmegirab

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Spanish Bitters by Dr. Adam Elmegirab


Handcrafted with chamomile flowers, citrus peels, orris root and angelica root 

Tasting Notes: 
Nose: Wood spice, chamomile and burnt citrus on the nose.
aste: Initial sweetness followed by predominant chamomile and layers of complex flavour including coriander, raspberry, honey, citrus and pomegranate. Finish: Long bittersweet finish with a hint of violet.

Pairs well with Dry gin, tequila, mezcal, Scotch whisky, bourbon, sake, brandy, rum, vodka, Chartreuse, citrus fruits, cream, mango, honey, peach, pear, apple, hibiscus, strawberries, mint, rose, lemongrass.

1.5 oz Reposado tequila
0.5 oz Campari
0.33 oz Triple sec
4 Dashes Spanish Bitters
Barspoon honey

Shake all ingredients with cubed ice for 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with fresh grapefruit peel. 
Recipe by Dr. Adam Elmegirab

3.38 fl oz / 100ml 

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